The central bank of Hungary (MNB), via the International Children’s Safety Service (ICSS), supports thirty students living in poverty who studies well by donating each of them 35 000 forints per month. The two organisations signed the cooperation agreement in the middle of June 2018. In 2018 the MNB supported the work of the ICSS with 109 100 000 forints.


According to the agreement, up to 12 600 000 forints of the MNB’s donation can be given to 30 good students living in poverty annually. The MNB’s scholarship was established 11 years ago and its aim is to help these children. Since then the bank announces its scholarship every year. To apply for the scolarship can those students with average school results above 4,5 who have just finished 1st or 2nd grade in elementary school. Another condition of application is that the per capita income of the families these children come from cannot exceed 46 000 forints per month. If a student’s average school results remain above 4,5, they can get the scholarship until diploma. Those students whose average school results fall below 4,5 are excluded from the program.



Photo: Gordon Eszter, MLTSZ