Everyone’s Christmas in WestEnd City Center’s Cinema City for 300 children on 11 December


300 children in need was invited for this event from elementary schools and family support organisations. ICSS’ goal was to make the Christmas season beautiful and joyful for them with musical performances and Christmas presents. This year’s special guests were Caramel, Gigi Radics and the artists of the Budapest Operetta Theatre. The children were greeted by Santa Claus himself and they got candies and pretzels, and they had the chance to have their faces painted before the official program.  


Christmas in the Hungarian Parliament Building for 800 children on 16 December


ICSS and the National Assembly organizes each year this event for primary school age children in need in Hungary and beyond its borders before Christmas Eve. The invited children get the key of the Parliament Building for a day from the Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary and they can see mucial performances of popular artists and musicians. After this musical show they have lunch and after that the groups can visit all kind of programs in the Parliament such as handcrafting workshops, facepainting, balloon folding and mini concerts. They can meet famous Hungarian sportsmen and they have tha chance to ask them questions, take a selfie with them or ask for an autograph. At the end of the day every children get Christmas presents.


The Nutcracker fairy-tale ballet – Christmas Children’s Gala sponsored by MKB Bank for 1500 children on 17 December


In 2017 ICSS and MKB Bank organized this Christmas event for the 20th time. 1500 children in need can see the classical and legendary ballet show which means an unforgettable experience for them – for some of the children coming for this event is the first time to visit Budapest or the famous Hungarian Opera House and the performance of the artist is the foam on the cake. Naturally, the participating children get goodies and Christmas presents at the end of this event as well.


ICSS say thank you to all of its sponsors to make it possible to make Christmas more beautiful for more than 2500 children in need in 2017 as well.