The uniquely colourful and many-sided charity occasion attracts nearly half a million visitors every year: both children and adults are participating, and have access to all the programmes free of charge.

During the two days, enthusiastic, famous artists and performers entertain the audience, offering a highly varied range of performances and programmes: concerts, dance shows, traditional art- and craft-workshops, “Boulevard of Nations”, plays, puppet-shows, Renaissance Court, horseback riding race, sport competitions, Toy City, etc. on 2 stages and 44 different venues.

Like in previous years, we would like to invite Your Embassy to contribute to the success of the Boulevard of Nations programme, the most fascinating and spectacular scene of the Children’s Day. It is a one-day interactive, cultural event (26th May 2019, 9 a.m.-7 p.m.) for children and their parents, like an international “mini- festival”.

On the “Sunbath Meadow” (Napozórét), in front of the Petőfi Hall’s open-air stage, different countries’ embassies, cultural institutes demonstrate their customs and traditions to enquiring visitors in tents and stands.


The main goal of the event is to broaden the horizon of Hungarian children’s and their parents’ awareness, deepen their knowledge about other nations’ cultures. In addition it plays an important role in strengthening the cultural cohesion and communicational links between countries and citizens.




Photo: Gordon Eszter, Fürjes Viktória, Kocsis Zoltán