The International The International Children’s Safety Service is organizing a charity concert in Pest Vigadó, where it is waiting for its current and hopeful supporters and helpers. 

The concert is also a commemoration of Zoltán Kocsis, the great pianist who was a member and supporter of the organization from the beginning and has given a concert for the benefit of the Service on every birthday since May 30, 1991.

Price of concert tickets: 25,000 HUF / piece.

Further information on ticket purchase can be obtained from Erika Gabos or by e-mail:, phone: 475-7000, or in person at the office of the ICSS: 1066 Budapest, Teréz krt. 24. I / 1.

Please help us with your participation!

Thank You!

Participation with Concerto Budapest, conducted by András Keller,  soloist Dénes Várjon (piano)